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proposed by the Congress of the People June 6, 2015, San Francisco

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Group discussion and number in attendance: 40
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    San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
      • City: San Francisco
      • State: California

       The City must provide a universal fully publicly-owned broadband network that would
      include: Free citywide public broadband for all residents and resident-owned businesses,

      fiber optic connections to every home and business, and accessibility to all wireless
       The City must ensure privacy and security and the public broadband network must
      provide full anonymity to all users with no data mining, no government monitoring and
      no provider authentication, access, location or other logging.
       The City must provide broadcast exposure on all media platforms for all candidate
      statements, forums and debates.
       The City must subsidize internet access devices to ensure that all people regardless of
      income can fully utilize the public broadband network.
       The City must promote open government. Any public meeting, including advisory
      committees, must have their meetings broadcast on all public communications platforms.
       All public meetings must be live broadcast and recorded in accessible video, audio and
      verbatim text and archived for public access and search.
       Sufficient channels must be provided for broadcast over the internet and all private paid
      communications networks for public consumption.
       All meetings that include anyone paid with tax dollars to discuss public policy must be
      announced on a public website and in print on request.
       Public records in all forms, including all notes on meetings, must be made accessible to
      the public free of charge in searchable text, audio and visual formats.

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