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Description of ASEJ

The Alliance for Social and Economic Justice is a developing network of organizations to strategize on resolving the interrelated crises in jobs, health care, housing, education and continuing wars.

The Alliance for Social and Economic Justice networks organizations in theoretical discussion to develop a common political program and people’s platform through assisting groups in convening regional Congresses of the People and an on-line discussion platform – asej.net. In San Francisco, the Alliance administers a Center for Social and Economic Justice that provides workspace, meeting space and support services. The Center acts as an incubator for emerging organizations, facilitates new coalitions between existing organizations, and promotes collaboration and mutual support between organizations.

The vision of the Alliance is to facilitate discussions that advance a concrete program for the realization of social and economic justice and encourage new paradigms for unity of all progressive forces. The Alliance is building a national conversation aimed at establishing a force that unifies movements and contributes to the building of a progressive majority in this country. The Alliance seeks to build a national conversation to define social and economic justice. The Alliance is rooted in the historic experiences of movements that have sought to build broad participation in the struggles to advance social and economic justice.