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What is Congress of the People?

The Congress of the People is a regional gathering that brings together a broad range of activists, organizations and their rank-and-file members to develop relationships between organizations, builds capacity for cadre leadership and organizing, and builds the basis for a greater level of organization that will lead to realistic possibilities of mobilizing in a mass movement that can achieve substantial political, economic and social change. The Congress of the People includes workshops on the sections of the Democracy Charter, and then a plenary session to share and vote on proposed amendments to the Democracy Charter. In addition, each workshop develops a platform plank and an action step that is incorporated into a People’s Platform in the plenary session. The Democracy Charter and People’s Platform together forms a program and an action plan. The amendments to the Democracy Charter and platform planks in the People’s Platform from each region would then be shared on this website. We are calling for regional gatherings, a “Congress of the People,” across the country on the week-end of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.