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proposed by the Congress of the People June 6, 2015, San Francisco

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Group discussion and number in attendance: 40
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    San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
    • City: San Francisco
    • State: California

     Oppose all building of expanded jail capacity
     Enforce and expand “Ban the Box” to remove the question on convictions and arrests
    from job and housing applications
     Propose and support alternative sentencing and restorative justice
     End taxation by citation
     End incarceration for non-violent offenses for those who cannot make bail
     Ban stop and frisk police practices
     End rewarding police for number of arrested
     Provide training to police in cultural sensitivity, sanctuary city policy, deescalating
    confrontations, responding to mental health crises appropriately, employing non-violent
    methods and communication skills to the greatest extent possible
     End use of military and Homeland Security equipment, including drones, by police
     End training of police in paramilitary tactics
     End SWAT teams
     End the “pipeline to prison” that is criminalizing the poor and people of color and other
    oppressed groups
     Change drug policies to treat drug use as a social problem not a criminal problem
     Ban the use of tasers
     Rescind sit/lie laws
     Ban racial profiling
     Promote policing without firearms
     End “broken windows” policies of prioritizing enforcement of minor crimes
     End policing and citation of fare evasion

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