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proposed by the Congress of the People January 12, 2019, San Francisco

Do you support the addition of this platform plank?

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Group discussion and number in attendance: 40
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    San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
      • City: San Francisco
      • State: California

      • Equal regulation for taxis, Uber & Lyft.
      • Provide retraining for displaced operators of buses, trains, taxicabs and etc. with equivalent or better paying the event of self-driving vehicles.
      • Considering the changing demographics of San Francisco and that disabilities increase with age, concerns of seniors and people with disabilities, should be taken into consideration by authorities when there are changes in vehicles, routes or construction.
      • Annual tax on San Francisco commercial real estate and transit-oriented development sufficient to fund public transit to make it free for all.
      • Youth, students and people with disabilities should be exempted from fares, including BART, MUNI, and all other transit agencies.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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