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proposed by the Congress of the People January 12, 2019, San Francisco

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Group discussion and number in attendance: 40
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    San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
      • City: San Francisco
      • State: California

      • Bring rent control to subsidized housing.
      • Lower affordability rates to 30% of AMI. Lower affordability rates with subsidized housing to 30% of income regardless of any level of income (including zero).
      • Implement a Right to Rest Act to improve the livability of the state of homelessness: right to move freely and rest in public spaces, eat or accept food, occupy a legally parked vehicle, reasonable privacy.
      • Enact a moratorium on market rate development until community housing initiatives have made adequate progress.
      • Airbnb restrictions, including a limit on the maximum number of different renters per year. Landlords of long-term housing may not convert to Airbnb (or the equivalent) during a vacancy caused by the following reasons: illegal evictions, destruction of property (e.g. fire damage), change in ownership or system of ownership, reclassification of housing type.
      • Government can’t sell public land without the consent of the people.
      • Stop/eliminate business improvement districts.
      • Increase legal funding to represent evictions and citations.
      • Bring back half way house and lodges.
      • Facilitate Conversion of empty buildings to community control/housing.
      • Support for community land trust.
      • Reform of the small sites program to make it more co-op and land trust friendly. Reduce rents in small sites projects.
      • Anti-eviction, gentrification and displacement component to the heritage districts.
      • Anti-speculation tax.

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