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proposed by the Congress of the People January 12, 2019, San Francisco

Do you support the addition of this amendment?

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Group discussion and number in attendance: 40
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    San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
      • City: San Francisco
      • State: California

      The current system includes prisons for profit, prisons that use exploitative and inhumane practices, and institutions of torture. The mental and general health needs of prisoners are largely unaddressed. Homeless, sick, and disabled persons are being arrested and channeled into the prison system from unfair laws. Immigrants, too, are channeled into the prison systems as a quick fix to a larger problem. Comprehensive bail reform is due that draws from public or government funds. Meanwhile, US war criminals and police who react with undue force and/or kill without justification are being under prosecuted. New court guidelines for accused officers are due for reconsideration with increased oversight. Prisoners’ work is not always fairly compensated, and prisoners are not released with helpful and vocational skills.

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