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proposed by the Congress of the People January 12, 2019, San Francisco

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Group discussion and number in attendance: 40
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    San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
    • City: San Francisco
    • State: California

    • Increased programs for job skill training and locally relevant job skills upon release
    • Abolish police mantra “comply or die”
    • No charging for prison stays
    • Oppose and repeal laws resembling ugly laws, such as the sit-lie ordinance.
    • Prosecute US War Criminals with federal, state, and local courts
    • Prosecute police who react with undue force and/or kill without justification
    • No pay for police while being prosecuted and receive back pay if exonerated
    • Increase mental health services and all medical health services
    • Rewrite prison release plan (ex-no night release and release with preparations
    • Create community policing

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