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Amendments by the San Francisco Bay Area Congress of the People November 2010

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    San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
      • City: San Francisco
      • State: California

      Government has a responsibility to look after the good of the people. We need to bring people together to protect housing through democracy, in programs of ownership/investment, sweat equity and a community of support. There should be equal distribution of housing to all regardless of immigration status. We need to support small landlords who preserve rental apartments from being converted into tenancies-in-common. We need to protect existing subsidized housing and have a holistic approach that includes youth activities, education, childcare, and micro-businesses. We need to keep people of color, working class and people with children from being driven out of our cities.
      We need to resist the demolition of existing housing developments. We need equal distribution of equity through a holistic approach such as the community model, the sweat equity model, the land trust model, and affordable housing model. We need to end the reliance on banks and other market forces. We need to create housing assistance through the taxation of downtown businesses. We need to resist the dismantling of rent control in order to protect existing communities.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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