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Amendments by the Congress of the People November 20, 2010, San Francisco

Do you support the addition of this amendment?

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    San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
      • City: San Francisco
      • State: California

      We need a new foreign and military policy as an expression of the character of a counter-hegemonic community. We need to be advocates of internationalism. The Earth should have legal representation. Our environment and animal species should be part of our international solidarity!

      Indigenous people should be protected because they are the ones who know how to live in harmony with the land. The harms of military bases erode away at people’s living conditions and the immediate land. The military is a dominant corporation. The military provides the false sense that people are more secure. The military industrial complex and its multinational corporations are anti-patriotic.

      We need to cut and redirect the military budget. We need to build a real anti-war movement to end the wars and occupation. We need to raise the living standards and working conditions of peripheral countries. We need to put people over profits. We need to close the 865 U.S. foreign military bases. We need the abolition of weapons of mass destruction and eliminate nuclear weapons. We need to transition to building an ecological sustainable peace economy. We need to support UN declarations on rights of indigenous people and human rights. We need to support Senate ratification of the Start treaty. We need more international exchanges like the World Social Forum and the Sao Pablo forum. We need to unify anti-war movements with social movements. The United States should respect national sovereignty. We need solidarity with worldwide movements for democracy and social justice.

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