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amendments by the CCDS Democracy Education Project on July 6, 2020

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Group discussion and number in attendance: national virtual meeting - 14
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      1. Endorses as a universal tenet: “Housing is a Human Right”
      Removing the barriers to housing for formerly incarcerated. It cannot be asked of an applicant if they have served time in jail or prison.
      2. Assurance of adequate housing for all persons and households at rates they can afford; typically,30% of income maximum.
      3. A basic financial subsidy to assure that the portion of income for housing is $1,000 above the poverty level.
      4. Provision of a broad range of housing types, including small houses, hotels & motels, SRO buildings, apartments, townhouses, live-work facilities, converted shipping containers, modular units, manufactured campuses, pavilion encampments, etc
      5. Voluntary entry into a social services database that identifies the social, material, educational, medical, mental, substance abuse, training, and employment needs of each participating household.
      6. Provision of counseling. consulting, medical, technical, professional, specialist visits, and service delivery follow-through at no cost.
      7. Provision for maintenance and care of pets, and of adequate and secure storage facilities
      8. Provision of roving transportation vans for easy travel to appointments, shopping, destinations, events, visititations …
      9. Provision of a broad variety of outdoor places, including parks, recreation facilities, both supervised and for open exploration
      10. Adequate and conveniently located facilities for social and community gatherings.

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