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How to DIY Replace Digitizer For Your Cracked iPhone

In you daily life it is very common that you iPhone screen got broken, how to do it?
If it is non-human damage and still in the warranty period, then there is no doubt that you can go to Apple store after-sale service to replace a free new screen. But if the iPhone 7 screen is your own broken or has passed a warranty period, then we should how to change the screen for it?
You may choose to spend one or two thousand dollars to Apple after-sales maintenance for the screen, or in other mobile phone repair shop for cheap Screen, or DIY replace for the screen. The following Cell Phone Age for everyone to bring a detailed tutorial of replacing screen. Just find which way is more suitable for you.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); IPhone6 screen repair for three ways: 1.
Apple official sale for the screen Advantages: to ensure that the original screen, safe and reliable, no worries; Disadvantages: maintenance price is more expensive, if it is non-human damage to the screen, and iPhone 7 is still a one-year free warranty period, then the screen is free.

2. Apple mobile phone repair shop for the screen (unofficial) Advantages: the price is cheaper than the official, more reliable; Disadvantages: it is difficult to ensure that the original screen, the other must be careful to replace the iPhone6 internal maintenance components.
It is recommended to look at the maintenance staff for screen. In general, there is a certain risk. 3. Change the screen by yourself Advantages: the lowest price, you can enjoy the fun of DIY; Disadvantages: non-professionals, split the screen for the screen there is a risk, there may be further damage iPhone6.

Suitable for iPhone6 disassemble more understanding, hands-on ability to consider the user, a small white friends, or use the above two ways it. Usually we recommend that you use Apple's official sales for the screen, so you can guarantee the original authentic digitizer, another screen for security can be described, there is no worry, the only drawback is that the price is more expensive.

If Apple is the official sale of the LCD for your expensive, their ability to work less, you can also choose to some of the more formal mobile phone repair shop, this way for the digitizer, do not guarantee the original, and some profiteers may also replace our iPhone6 internal hardware, So use this way, for the LCD friends, looking at the technical staff for LCD, so as not to be replaced by other internal components.

DIY iPhone6 screen repair tutorial: 1, the first to buy good for your iPhone 7 screen assembly, 4.7 inch iPhone 6 screen assembly and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus in the market after a period of time, in the Amazon or eBay you can search to find the purchase, it is recommended that you try to choose some moderate price products.
Do not use too low-cost LCD, or quality is difficult to guarantee, it is recommended that you try to buy original LCD website In addition to the purchase of iPhone LCD assembly, the general will be presented Apple disassemble tool, which we need to see.

2, with the iPhone6 LCD assembly and disassemble the tool, and then we can through the demolition of the LCD. Disassemble, please first iPhone6 shutdown, and then remove the SIM card, and then remove the bottom of the fuselage two fixed screws. 3, iPhone is used in one body design, disassemble more difficult, need to use the sucker, start from the display direction. It should be noted that the top of the iPhone LCD camera position through the cable connected to the motherboard, so the dismantling of the extra attention to the LCD and the motherboard between the cable, so the demolition of the LCD, the need for extra small, not too hard, Tie the connection between the display and the motherboard.

4, iPhone 7 LCD panel through the cable connected to the motherboard, and through the metal shield fixed, you need to dismantle the metal shield, to remove the connection cable. 5, disconnect the display and the motherboard connected cable, we can be part of the entire mobile phone screen assembly and the fuselage separated, and finally we will buy a new mobile phone digitizer assembly can be installed back, because the IPhone digitizer is the whole Block modular, so the demolition and installation are relatively simple.

Finally, we can install the new display up. After it you can first test if your fingers can normally touch LCD, and then shut down the screen, now complete the installation of new screen, during this process it is not easy to make mistakes. Again reminded that in despite of the difficulty for demolition of the screen is not big, there is risk of failing, such as torn off the cable when dismantling the digitizer.
It is generally not recommended that we disassemble digitizer, unless you get good understanding on iPhone structure. If your DIY ability is not very adept, it is suggested that buying an <a website 7 screen replacement from a professional mobile phone parts dealer such as Cell Phone Age com which can offer you practical help.